Welcome to Junior 2!

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6 Responses to Welcome to Junior 2!

  1. Fede Pourteau says:

    Colour: blue
    Season: samer
    Food: hamber ger and chicken nuget
    Hobbie: swim
    Drinks: couc apple juice
    Favourite sport: football

  2. Paqui says:

    Hello Miss Ceci, I´m Paqui. This are some of my favorite things…

    Colour: Blue and green water
    season: Summer
    Food: Sorrentinos of ham and cheese
    Drinks: Lemon Juice and Fruit smoothies
    Hobbies: Dancing and acting
    things to do: Riding a bicycle


  3. Leticia Cacace says:

    Hello Miss Ceci….we are Isa and Oli Gil, and our favourite things are…
    Olí: light blue
    Isa: blue

    Olí: pizza
    Isa: vitina With tuna

    Olí G. And Isa

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