Letter to parents

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  1. Eri says:

    Hello Miss Ceci!!! How are you?
    I’m Erica, Salvi’s mom. I’m very happy that Salvi share time with you in his class of English (Mateo learned a lot with you!).
    Salvi is a funny and very witty child. He loves playing football and tennis with Mateo his great reference and friend.
    Salva is fun of Boca Juniors and he likes watching Real Madrid and Barcelona matches.
    He enjoy eating a lot everything and at any time!

    The best for this year!

  2. Dolores Casellini says:

    Hi Miss Ceci,
    I’m Dolo, Fede’s mom. He is a very enthusiastic boy! He is generally happy and VERY active. He loves playing football and his dream for the future is to be a professional football player. He looks up on Messi and he is a big fan of River and Barcelona. He also enjoys playing table games, such as monopoly, cards and dices. He has two older brothers, much older than him (19 and 16) and he usually complains about not having siblings closer to his age. This is why he enjoys inviting friends or going to their homes. He has many cousins that live in San Isidro, so generally during weekends we meet them at his grandparents home. He has cousins living in London and in Usa. He misses them a lot and we only see them once a year during the holidays. He likes reading books either with his father or with me, in general before going to sleep.
    About his hobbies, he loves collecting cards (any kind, football, pokemon, etc.) and changing them with his friends.
    I hope he has a wonderful year !!

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